If coffee is not for everyone, there will not be for anyone.

I adore coffee and I every day consume tons of coffee at home . Anyone told me once , that it doesn't make any difference the way expensive/or economical your coffee maker is , be prepared anduse first-class coffee one would make a good cup of coffee ! I truly do believe that's proper but I think it's essential to keep your coffeemaker clean . One or more times each month I clean mine . It is super easy to do and it takes as long as it takes to make 2 pots of coffee . You might be surprised to see all the sediment that builds up over time . 

What you need to clean a 12-cup coffee maker~ 

7 cups white vinegar 
4 cups water 
10 cups water 

Using the system on your coffee pot , indicator 7 cups vinegar , empty into water compartment 
Measure fourthly cups water , pour into water compartment 
Turn it on coffee maker and get through cycle . When finished , shut off coffee maker . Empty vinegar/water mixup . 
Measure 10 cups water , place into water compartment . Run through cycle . That's it ! 
At the moment your coffee maker is ready to be a fresh pot of coffee .

7/29/2013 04:40:00 am

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